Supply Chain

Optimization of logistics. Vehicle routing.

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Utilize historic demand data to forecast future inventory demand, keep safety stock levels, create supply-chain manufacturing Production Planning and distribution plan.

Maintain optimal forecast demand at lowest cost (or highest profitability). Scale to global level of overall product demand or more granular level per article per customer per day. Host supply-chain optimization as a packaged solution, integrated solution or a stand-alone cloud based system

If you have a vehicle fleet, you might have also wondered about how to decrease the amount of moving vehicle accidents and how to get goods quickly from point A to point B on a large scale. We account for data that Google maps or other stock providers do not account for - angle of the sun relative to path of the driver, the type and condition of the vehicle, driver current and past record and much more.

Optimize stock transfer and create optimized model stock, assuring distribution requirements planning (DRP) is met. Utilize Linear programming and optimization algorithms like Simulated annealing, Ant colony, Genetic algorithms etc. to tackle stackability constraints, load and unload rules, palletizing logic, warehouse efficiency and load stability minimizing 'shipping air'.

Create flexible models which include refinements at various stages of the product life cycle, so that new, ongoing and obsolete items are optimized in different ways. Make sure the adaptations for different classes of products are met, for example seasonal merchandise, risks and unexpected constraints, sudden spikes in fuel costs, material shortages, natural disasters, and instability of global politics.

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