Predict crashes and breakdowns. Optimize routing. 

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Common problems in the field of robotics are bot crashes and breakdowns. Being able to identify these problems before they happen allows to save on money, time and overall system maintenance.

We use a variety of sensor data your system records, along with expert-labelled type of breakdowns/crashes. Using advanced AI techniques, we identify leading indicators to these problems and then look for these in real-time data.

Routing is another common problem in robotics. How does each bot travel optimially from A to B, given a bunch of other robots which will be in its way, battery life and other constrains (such as cargo it needs to carry). A lot of these constraints can be mutually exclusive at times and conflicting at other times. Building a set of constraints and boundary/edge conditions, constructing a correct objective function and optimizing for proper parameter becomes key in this type of a problem. For example, do you want the robots to get to their destinations the fastest way? Or in a way that would be less taxfull on the wearout of their components? Or in a way that would decrase the probability of a crash? 

There are other types of problems in robotics, such as positioning problems, destructive interference (GPS/Radar/wifi signals), mechanical slippage, wear and tear and security issues to name a few.

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