Employee safety & scoring

Point out safety concerns and root causes. Score employees for safety and competence.

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Ever wondered about measuring your employees added value to the company, but have not yet decided how to perform the analysis based on the ML solutions?

How about assesing the safety of certain tasks/ professions and identyfying accident risks? 

We asses your processes to point out safety concerns. With the help of ML and detailed historical records, we are able to dig into the root causes and help you minimize their effect. We can look at your historical safety policy changes and asses their effectivness. Finally, we can predict the effectivness of future safety policy changes. 

We can help you identify gaps in your employee competence that can lead to loss of productivity and feeling fullfillment at work. We can uncover the underlying relationships in your data that can point out what learning gaps should be filled in your employee training and work processes.

How is this even possible? Such tasks seem overwhelmingly complex, with a variety of cause-effect relationships tangled in complicated ways. However, the field of AI has tools complicated enough to untangle these and evaluate the effectivness and correctness of approach. These are continuously evaluated untill an optimal solution is found. The findings are checked against the latest reserach in the area and domin experts' opinion.  

If you have a vehicle fleet, you might have also wondered about how to decrease the amount of moving vehicle accidents and how to get goods quickly from point A to point B on a large scale. We account for data that Google maps does not account for - angle of the sun relative to path of the driver, the type and condition of the vehicle, driver current and past record and much more.

Our experienced team had utilized advanced scoring methods used in video games, association football, American football, basketball, Major League Baseball, table tennis, Scrabble, board games, etc. to deliver the relative skill levels of employees.

We have experience in Nursing, Pharmaceutical, HR, Engineering, employee KPI, vehicle accident and workplace accident prediction.

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